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Performance Trends

July October 2015 Reports
on 11/9/2015


Regional Club Growth (pdf File)
Regional Club Growth (Excel File)

District 6
Central, Northeastern Minnesota; South Central Ontario, Canada.

 District 19
Iowa; Dakota County, Nebraska; Moline, Illinois

 District 24
Central Western and Eastern Nebraska

 District 42
Alberta; Saskatchewan, Canada

 District 64
Manitoba; Western Ontario, Canada; North-Western Minnesota

 District 78
South Dakota; North Dakota; Montana; North-Western Minnesota

 District 99
Alberta; Saskatchewan, Canada

 Region IV
The Region 4 Summary

 Ranking Finals

Prepared by Ken Tanner


Microsoft Excel (.XLS)   Adobe Acrobat (.PDF)
xls District 6 Spreadsheet   pdf District 6 PDF
xls District 19 Spreadsheet   pdf District 19 PDF
xls District 24 Spreadsheet   pdf District 24 PDF
xls District 42 Spreadsheet   pdf District 42 PDF
xls District 64 Spreadsheet   pdf District 64 PDF
xls District 78 Spreadsheet   pdf District 78 PDF
xls Region IV Spreadsheet   pdf Region IV PDF

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PowerPoint from 7/15/2014 Webinar

Interpreting the District Performance Trends Report page

How can you tell on a month by month basis how well your District is progressing towards achieving your goals in the Critical Success Factors necessary for Distinguished District status?
Charting your progress on a monthly basis, in comparison to actual performance of your District over the past few years, serves as a valuable reference. By watching the performance of your District this year compared to prior years enables the identification of an ‘early warning’ signal if performance appears slower than in the past.
The District Performance Report Trends and corresponding graphs provide actual four-year and seven-year trends of your District on a monthly basis for the following factors:

- Member Payments
- Paid Clubs
- AC ‘s (Advanced Communicator)
- CC’s (Competent Communicator)
- New Members

Comparison of your current year performance on a monthly basis to the years where Distinguished District was attained, or to the four-year or seven-year average, will assist in identifying what areas may need additional attention. The challenge is to watch for trends early enough to put additional effort into the identified areas necessary to ensure achieving the goals in the Critical Success Factors, thus ensuring Distinguished District status.
On the enclosed Performance Trends page, the Members per Club, and the Club Average calculations are based on the total number of Clubs shown on the District Performance Report Summary at June 30th each year. Additionally, the Members per Club calculation is a best-estimate determined by taking the total Member Payments at June 30th, dividing that by 2 (based on the two semi-annual reporting periods per year), and then dividing by the total number of Clubs reported at June 30th each year.