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August Updates

The new year has begun and trio members are busy preparing for training at the annual Toastmasters Convention in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.  Drafts of the budget, the district success plan and lists of new district leaders are all being worked on.  

But with new leaders and new ideas, there are a number of things to remember and most importantly, that our member is always at the top of our organization.  We exist to pave the way for member success.  There is clear connection between the quality of Toastmasters Leadership Institute participation and club quality.  Club quality is the link holding membership achievement and district success together. 

The work that you do is important and is value added across your district but while you are working on your plans and paperwork, keep in mind, the member.  When you come to a difficult decision or critical conversation, ask yourself, "Is this the best for our membership?" 

During this past year, we have weeded the garden.  We have lost some clubs but it is time to move forward and introduce Toastmasters to more people and more organizations.  It is time to plant and grow.  

I look forward to seeing friends, both old and new, this year in Vancouver where we can share stories and learn from each other and most importantly find new ways to plant a new garden and continue sharing the Toastmasters story with others.  

Special thanks to Kelly, who served the region with enthusiasm the past 2 years and thank you all for stepping up to the plate in service.  

Travel well my friends. I'll see you soon in Vancouver.  

Pat Hannan, DTM, PID, Region IV Advisor
Toastmasters International
"Where Leaders Are Made"



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