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It’s hard to imagine that a simple change in time creates so many amazingly new things. On July 1st , we added a new District and new leaders to our Toastmasters family. Welcome District 99! We have been watching you form for the past 3 years. It’s now your time to shine!

We have new leaders administering and overseeing our District’s day to day operations, finances and human resources. These leaders will guide and mentor you. Put your hands together for our 2016-2017 District Directors: Diane Windlingland (D6), Keith Nielsen (D19), Marian Gramlich (D24), Carolyn Kaldy (D42), Stan Penner (D64), Anita Monek (D78) and Lorraine Whealtey (D99).

There are more leaders in our lucky 7 group! You will see this next group host excellent education and training events in your District. Please welcome our 2016-2017 Program Quality Directors: Harold Osmundson (D6), Jeanne Heil (D19), Steven Dawkins (D24), Johnathan Bauer (D42), Sheryl Berglund (D64), Karl Merbach (D78) and Donald Zurakowski (D99).

Our leadership team would not be complete without our Club Growth Directors. These leaders are our marketing team who focuses on club building and club retention efforts in the District. Give a pat on the back to Benjamin Smith (D6), Brenda Peshak (D19), Glenn Williams (D24), Catherine Secundiak (D42), Thelca Atheyde (D64), Diane Ripplinger (D78) and Glenn Walker (D99).

I also want to thank Ken Tanner and Cliff Heinsch. Ken updates our stats each month. He helps us keep an eye on our goals and to know what happened in the past. Cliff is our fabulous webmaster. He updated our Region IV website and sends great reminders to me! Thank you, gentleman for your tireless work!

With the changing of the guard, we say farewell to some dedicated leaders in Region IV. Thank you for service, dedication, energy and passion! Please let these leaders know how grateful you are for their leadership this past year: Larry Marik (D6), Paul Wood (D19), Sunny Faronbi (D24), Marg Faryna (D42), Sylvia Nilsson-Barkman (D64), Dave Skattum (D78), Ravi Rai (D6), Amanda Martin (D19), Angela Petersen (D24), Marc Haine (D42), Lavern Wojciechowski (D64), Johanne Lebeau (D78), Don Karnish (D24) and Lorenzo Heinrichs (D42).

Let’s celebrate all our accomplishments in 2015-2016 and all the amazing things to come in 2016-2017! I can’t wait to see all the club excellence and club building you will make happen in this year!

Kelly Nielsen
Region 4 Advisor 2015-2017


New Photos! RA Visit Photos - 2015-16

Officer Induction 2016-17 District 78

Officer Induction District 19



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