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With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, conferences and all the lists of items to get completed by the end of the calendar year, I encourage you to pause and remember why you are grateful for this experience.  It’s easy for me, and probably also for you, to be grateful for your family, your job, your health, your home and your friends.  When I think deeper, I am also grateful for you.  You challenge me.  You challenge the way I think.  You allow me to see different viewpoints.  You are my support system when I need it.  You make me better.  That’s the special community we have in Toastmasters.  Take a moment and reflect on all the grateful things your Toastmasters community has given you.

Please take time to read the August 2016 Board of Direstors Minutes These minutes have important changes coming up in our future.  Notice on page 5 that the October/November Conference will be discontinued in 2018.  Toastmasters International completed an analysis of the October/November Conferences.  The review believes the District leaders’ time and energy can be spent better on building relationships and promoting club growth.  Removing the conference will allow the districts to focus their efforts on leadership and education through TLI’s and other learning opportunities.

Also take the time to read page 4.  In 2018-2019, the international contest cycle will result in only having 14 semifinalists compete at the International Convention.  This change will mean there will be a region-level quarterfinal contest.  The details of this contest will be coming in future Board meeting minutes.

I have also been blessed to be able to visit more Districts.  Visiting with you makes my day!  Our very own International Director, Monique Levesque-Pharoah made her first ID visit to District 19.  Monique was busy visiting the clubs in the Dubuque, IA area, making visits to corporations for potential clubs and then attending the October Conference.  Below are some pictures of Monique’s visit.  I had the honor of visiting District 24. I was able to participate in a demo meeting, attend the Charter Party for Luminaries and attend the DEC/DOT training for the District 24 leadership team.  Both Monique and I enjoyed our time with you!

Sometimes we just have to stop and really appreciate all the good things in life.  I appreciate you.  Your hard work has brought 7 new clubs to our Region.  You have created excellence in a program to support 11,999 members this year.  And we are still growing! You create are community to develop our better selves!  Be grateful for all that you bring to our members!  I am!

Kelly Nielsen
Region 4 Advisor 2015-2017


New Photos! RA Visit Photos - 2015-16

District 6 2015-16 Distinguished District

District 6 2015-16 Distinguished District Trio

Outgoing International Director Joan Watson

Monique and Joan Exchanging Pins



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